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The price of cleaning is based on whether the rug or carpet is handmade or machine-made. A company representative, who is an expert carpet layer, travels to the customer's home, examines the flaws and determines whether they are repairable or not. A price quote is then given for cleaning and, if necessary, restoration. After the customer chooses from among his options, the carpet or rug is taken for cleaning or repairs, which lasts 7-10 days, depending on the size of the repair. The rug is taken by car to the factory, and is insured by the company the moment it leaves the customer's home and until it is returned. Once the rug arrives at the factory, it undergoes another examination, and the factory manager informs the customer of any additional flaws found.


The carpets and rugs are categorized by type, and a decision is made regarding the most suitable type of cleaning for its nature and age. The cleaning process includes various stations, based on the following specifications:
  • Shaking sand and dust from the rug.
  • Shaking the rug in bathtub Containing water and shampoo for cleaning, stains and softener.
  • Spreading the rug on the work surface for cleaning dirty areas.
  • Placing the rug on an automatic washLine for pressure wash spraying, including shampoo.
  • Brushing the fibers based on hair type.
  • Clean water washing.
  • Soft water washing.
  • Washing both sides of the rug with soft water and fabric softener.
  • Spin-dry using cylinders.

Procedures, Materials and Equipment

Only cleaning materials approved by the ministry of Health and that have been awarded standards are used. These are environmentally-friendly materials-nopowerful chemicals or substances thatdamage the color and quality of the wool.the equipment and machines used to inject anddisperse the powder are among the best in the market today from the leadingmanufacturers. The hardness of the brushesused on the rugs are adapted to the age ofthe rug and the condition of the wool.old rugs are manually cleaned from start to finish.

When the rug is being used, sand sinks intoits foundation, causing the rug’s threads toexpand in both directions. The wet cleaningprocess causes the threads to slightly shrink,causing the rug to regain its strength.

Wet cleaning is carried out while protectingthe rug’s color. this is accomplished by usingsuitable material. Rugs with unstable colorsundergo dry cleaning, which is not water-based.


After being cleaned, the rugs are dried in a computerized, temperature-controlled drying room that imitates the natural drying process. Old rugs that cannot withstand the drying room undergo natural drying.

After the rugs have been dried, they are reviewed, and transferred to the specific repairs department if necessary. Rugs that are only cleaned undergo quality control, brushing and packaging. They are then returned to the customer at their convenience.

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